Tips on creating an online survey



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Respondenten nodig?

Building on our experience in FreeSurvey and our sister website we can give you some useful tips on creating an online Survey.

The survey – general

  1. Create your survey in the mother language of the respondents
  2. Check your survey on spelling and content
  3. State the cause of your survey in the introduction
  4. Use your own logo to give your survey a professional look
  5. Keep your questions short; 10 seconds max. per question
  6. Use a fill-in time of 5-8 minutes per survey

The Survey - Content and structure

  1. Ask questions on age, education level etc. at the end of the survey
  2. Give a full spectrum of answers, make sure every possible answer is in the spectrum
  3. Do not use video- or audio clips, this will distract your respondents
  4. Test your survey among a small group of trusted respondents to guarantee a genuine feedback.
  5. Use routing (routing from question Y to question X) to keep the questions relevant to the respondent

Target audience and response

  1. Determine your target audience specifications thoroughly in advance
  2. Calculate the size of your target audience and how many respondents you need for a representative survey
  3. Research at what time your target audience is best reached. Keep holidays and work hours in mind.
  4. Send reminders after 3-5 days
  5. Keep your reminders at 1 max.


Spreading your survey through your own address book needs proper management.

Use the E-mail Module to manage your survey spread- and response.