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E-mail Module

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Survey Examples

On the Examples page you will be able to find different types of surveys. These surveys will show you the features and design possibilities that FreeSurvey has to offer


FreeSurvey offers a fully functional survey creation tool. Where other Online tools require payment and show ads.

Additional premium features for lay-out adjustments and sending personal invitations are available through micropayments of € 5,-.

What are the features?

Available question types

  • Multiple Choice (MC), 1 answer possible
  • Multiple Choice (MC), multiple answers possible
  • Matrix question
  • Antithesis question
  • Open-ended question
  • Dichotomous question (MC, 1 answer possible)
  • Semantic differential scaling (MC, 1 answer possible)

Available features

  • Personal/company logo on the survey
  • Unlimited amount of questions
  • Unlimited amount of survey respondents
  • Results file downloadable up to 3 months after creation
  • No ads in the survey
  • Routing is available to lead respondents to designated questions, depending on the given answers. (Only in MC, 1 answer question type)
  • Direct spreading through (over 50) social media channels with our unique tool.  
  • Downloadable result file in CVS (compatible with Excel, SPSS, etc.)

How does question routing work?

Download the manual on the use of routing. 

What are the premium features? What do they do?

The E-mail Module is available since februari 2016.

The new E-mail Module is available as a premium feature

Use your own address book to send your survey and personalize your messages for optimal response.

Response per address is logged easily and clearly, reminders can be sent to respondents that have not yet replied.

The full use of this module costs € 5,- including taxes

For what purpose can I use FreeSurvey?

FreeSurvey is designed for different types of online research

  • Internship/paper/graduation/thesis research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Business plan research
  • Market research
  • Employee satisfaction research

The wide variety of features makes FreeSurvey the perfect tool for every type of online research

How does FreeSurvey work?

FreeSurvey can be used to create and publish online surveys.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Fill in your survey preferences.
  3. Create your questions.
  4. Send the link to your survey to your respondents.

No ads or banners will be shown during the process of filling in the survey. 

What does FreeSurvey cost?

FreeSurvey is free of charge and ad-free. The use of our premium features is optional. These features are not mandatory or necessary for the creation of surveys or sending surveys to respondents.

What happens to my survey results?

The survey results are property of the researcher. FreeSurvey does not regard itself as owner of the results and will not use these or send these to third parties. With the secure SSL connection your results are guaranteed safe.

Who is FreeSurvey?

FreeSurvey is an online service of CHJ Internet. CHJ internet is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands and is registered at the Chamber of commerce NL with registration number 30244720.